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The modern economy is completely dependent on the latest information technologies that allow to automatically process and control a variety of financial data. In a rapidly changing world, the old approaches to analysis no longer work. This is why we use Data Science, machine learning and artificial intelligence to manage capital in the stock and cryptocurrency markets. The combination of various instruments and investment directions allows our investment company IMM Finance to get high and stable returns day by day.

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Legally Registered Company

IMM Finance is an officially registered capital management investment fund in the UK. We only work in accordance with international law.

15 Blackheath Road, Greenwich, London, United Kingdom, SE10 8DZ
  • Predict the future
    Deep analysis of financial markets allows us to “see” the future based on large mathematical models and turn this information into money for investors. Our investment strategy fully takes into account fundamental risks, as well as risks associated with unexpected and unforeseen events.
  • The main value is people
    Despite our advanced technological training we are proud of our team of programmers, system administrators, mathematicians, analysts, traders and managers. We do everything for the convenience of our clients and selflessly improve our product.
  • Make technology work for you!
    The best for our customers
    Maximum convenience
    Democratic conditions
    Daily profit
    Accurate analysis
    Security and privacy
    We have created a unique and comfortable online investment platform that allows you to get full access to all our company's products.
    You can start investing with other IMM Finance clients with as little as $10. The number of investments and their amount are not limited in any way.
    We calculate and pay your dividends every day, regardless of the day of the week or holidays.
    In our trades, we use an accurate model to test assumptions based on the opinions of analysts and traders with many years of experience.
    Our department of programmers and system administrators is constantly on guard for the safety of users' personal data.
    Make money everyday lifetime!


    Your profit is

    2.1% Daily Forever

    • Min. amount is $10
    • * Additional bonus
    • ** Flexible condition


    Your profit is

    2.4% Daily Forever

    • Min. amount is $500
    • * Additional bonus
    • ** Flexible condition


    Your profit is

    2.8% Daily Forever

    • Min. amount is $1000
    • * Additional bonus
    • ** Flexible condition


    Your profit is

    3.1% Daily Forever

    • Min. amount is $3000
    • * Additional bonus
    • ** Flexible condition

    Erase the boundaries of your profit

    * Our company offers additional bonuses from the amount of investment depending on the term of the deposit to its loyal customers. To get the bonus, you need to contact our contacts.

    +5% to deposit in 15 days
    +10% to deposit in 25 days
    +18% to deposit in 40 days

    Complete freedom of investment

    ** Each investor of the company has the right to withdraw their investment after a certain period of time. At the same time, we offer flexible conditions for withdrawal of deposits depending on the term of the deposit.

    after 10 days 10% commission
    after 20 days 5% commission
    after 30 days without commissions
    The path of financial excellence


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    $ 66498

    Investments are working

    $ 29274

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    The secret of passive income

    Our investment company builds a global network of investors around the world. We offer each registered client of the company to join an excellent loyalty program that allows you to earn money by inviting your friends and acquaintances.

    First level
    Your bonus is
    of the deposits of partners that you invited yourself
    Second level
    Your bonus is
    of the deposits of partners who were invited by your first level partners
    Third level
    Your bonus is
    of the deposits of partners who were invited by second level partners
    How does the affiliate program work?
    Get an affiliate link

    When registering, each IMM Finance client automatically receives their individual affiliate link. Copy it in the Affiliates section.

    Set up your ad campaign

    Post your feedback about our company on forums, chats, or social networks, and attach your affiliate link to them.

    Partner registration

    After your actions, you will receive the first partners who will register and begin their acquaintance with the company.

    Formation of a partnership network

    With a successful launch of an advertising company, your partner network will grow quantitatively in depth and width.

    Passive earnings

    Your partners work for you, and you get a stable and passive income regardless of your efforts.

    We invite everyone to a profitable and competitive cooperation!
    Quick answers to frequently questions

    Our company offers investors around the world intelligent money management using the latest information technologies in the field of Data Science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading. We have created our own proven mathematical models that allow us to implement various hypotheses with a high probability of working out the results.

    Our company's activity is completely legal and meets all the requirements of the UK investment legislation (#12989420), which gives us access to any financial instruments. In addition, we have an extensive team of programmers, mathematicians, traders and analysts who work hard every day for the profit of our investors.

    To become an investor in IMM Finance, you just need to complete a short registration. Click on the "sing up" button in the upper-right corner and enter your first and last name, email address, password and e-payment system numbers. After confirming your actions, you will have your own individual personal account of the investor.

    In order to log in to the investor's personal account of IMM Finance, you need to fill out a simple authorization form. Click on the "login" button in the upper-right corner and enter your username and password. After confirming your actions, you will be redirected to your personal account.

    Click the password recovery link and enter your email address in the window that opens. After that, you will receive an email with a temporary password. Now you can log in to your personal account and set a new password in the "settings" section.

    Go to the "make deposit" section, select the investment package you are interested in, specify the deposit amount and payment method. Then confirm the transaction and transfer the funds. After that, your deposit will start working automatically and bring the declared profit. Investment in a couple of clicks!

    Our pride lies in the fact that we brought our work to the fully automatic. That is why you will not have to wait long for your dividends, as they are accrued immediately based on the terms of the investment package.

    IMM Finance works with the payment systems Perfect Money and NixMoney, as well as with the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Doge. It is worth noting that to be credited to the balance of a cryptocurrency deposit, you must wait for some time to receive the required number of confirmations of the blockchain network.

    The minimum investment amount is only $10, 0.0007 BTC, 0.0078 ETH, 0.077 LTC, 0.025 BCH, 0.10 DASH and 400 DOGE. The democratic amount of the minimum deposit makes working with our company accessible to everyone.

    The minimum withdrawal amount is $1, 0.000286 BTC, 0.0078 ETH, 0.0385 LTC, 0.0125 BCH, 0.05 DASH and 200 DOGE.

    Yes. Our company uses a fixed rate of cryptocurrencies when accepting investments. Therefore, you can expect that when working with us, the cryptocurrency rates will always be constant: $35 000 for 1 BTC, $1300 for 1 ETH, $130 for 1 LTC. $400 for 1 BCH, $100 for 1 DASH and $0.025 for 1 DOGE.

    Withdrawal of dividends is carried out manually within 72 hours. This mode of operation is associated with the nuances of working in the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

    We offer our clients a progressive partner program that has three levels of depth – 6 – 2 – 1%. The affiliate program is available to anyone immediately after registration. Affiliate bonuses are credited automatically.

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    IMM Finance is an official registered investment company in UK (#12989420) that combines the best information technologies and many years of experience of traders and analysts for successful trading on the stock and cryptocurrency markets.

    IMM Finance operates only in accordance with investment legislation. All intellectual property of the company is protected.